Nett Lake Wild Rice  
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The legends of the Bois Forte Band of Chippewa (also called Ojibwe or Anishinaabeg) tell of how a great vision guided our ancestors westward through the Great Lakes in search of "the food that grows upon the water." The vision led them to Nett Lake, located in what is now northern Minnesota, where they found Manomin, known today as wild rice, covering the lake for as far as they could see.

Each September tribal members venture out in canoes to harvest Nett Lake wild rice by hand, according to our time-honored traditions. We allow no chemicals, motorboats, or other machinery to disturb the pristine waters so important to our culture and traditional livelihood. Harvested rice is winnowed and parched with special care to ensure flavor, nutritional value, and ease of preparation that is second to none.

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A small amount of rice is set aside each year for processing in the traditional way - by hand over a wood fire - producing what many regard as the world's finest wild rice.

We invite you to share the bounty of this harvest ... and experience our story.


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